Just the Gardener

Meet the gardeners behind Just the Gardener!

It is hard for us to believe, but we have been gardening for over 50 years - since we were young'uns! Both of my grandmothers loved flowers, and my father always planted a vegetable garden while my mother tended to her own flowers while raising seven children. My husband, Jon, inherited his love of vegetable gardening from his grandfather, transplanting his little corn plants all over the yard to find the best sun, and learning to cook at the age of six. Now planting our own gardens together, we love our veggies, stuffing ourselves and our freezer with good things to eat, and enjoy our suburban habitat, overflowing with beautiful flowers, grasses, and shrubs. As Just the Gardener, we use our considerable knowledge and experience to create outdoor spaces for others to enjoy and be proud of, with plantings that are easy to maintain and suited to the site. We would love to be able to work with you to create some gardening magic that transforms your home. We are Just the Gardener to choose!

Judith CowlesI (Judith, aka Judy) was a medical technologist specializing in blood banking for 27 years in my former life. After I came to my senses, I began playing with flowers and plants in earnest. As creator of Just the Gardener, I love designing and making gardening visions come to life for myself and others. My interest in flowers and nature is shared enthusiastically with my sisters and continues to be nurtured over the winter months by creating and designing all kinds of items with floral themes.

Jon CowlesJon is a mathematician specializing in developing algorithms for computer hardware. Currently, he is concerned with intellectual property right protection of his material, and with making sense of the current economic atmosphere, and the issues of financial market reform. As the "Assistant to the Chief Gardener," he is in charge of the mulch and topsoil needs, microirrigation work, any construction requirements, pickaxing, and debris hauling. He gives support, clarifies my visions, and together we make great gardens.

Kelsey CowlesOur daughter, Kelsey, is currently finishing her graduate work in Physical Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh when she is not playing Ultimate Frisbee whenever and where ever she can all over the United States and Europe. She occasionally contributes to the design process on matters of color, shape, and form, but now participates as the major "Floral Hydration Specialist" in her own gardens.